Eggs cooked in Aleppo Ghee

Eggs cooked in Aleppo Ghee

Our Aleppo ghee is a favorite among many and for good reason. With an earthy back-of-the-palate heat, it is rich in peppery flavor and very smooth. For eggs, we like doing Sunnyside up and then placing that over a tostada or a sourdough to absorb all the flavor. Add some salt and dried parsley flakes and you are all set. 

Here are some other ways to use it:

  • Spread Aleppo ghee on toasted multigrain bread when you make avocado toast. Add salt, sumac, and chopped chives
  • Roast your potatoes in Aleppo ghee when you cook them in the oven. With a high smoke point, you don't have to worry about the ghee burning
  • Temper the creaminess of a pasta sauce by using Aleppo ghee as the base. Start by melting the Aleppo ghee in the pot. Add your flour to make the roux. Then add your milk and cheese. Include some chopped parsley at the end to give it an herby flavor too. 
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