5 Reasons to Use Sun Ghee

1. Regeneratively Sourced

Not only are the farms we source from organic with grass fed cows, but the soil is actually regenerating with improved soil carbon and water filtration data. And we know this because we are sourcing from Land to Market verified farms. Land to Market collects ecological data from the soil that proves better carbon capture and true regeneration. 

2. Taste

Our slow process and high quality dairy means that that we have some of the best tasting ghee out there. Once you try cooking with it, you will see. 

3. Health

This is some of the high quality fat out there. If you are looking for a good source of fat that is rich in nutrients and all the good things, you have found it in Sun Ghee.

4. Flavor

We are not afraid to try new things and help you up level your cooking. Your fat carries the flavor so if you use a good fat that is infused with savory tastes like Aleppo Chili, your food will be next level. 

5. Quality > Quantity

We are a small business which means that we have full control over the quality of our products. We take great pride in what we produce and know that people come back to us over and over because the quality surpasses what is out there. Try for yourself!

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